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London Black and White Photography Introduction Workshop

The Photographers Playground

London is full of incredible landmarks, and it’s skyline is in a constant state of incredible development with some of the most exceptional architecture in the world. Having lived in London myself for over a decade, I know some exceptional places in the city for great black and white long exposure photography. The River Thames provides a beautiful component for some jaw dropping architectural scenes that lend themselves perfectly to beautiful fine art photographs. This workshop is aimed at photographers who want to improve their photography and have an interest in city photography and architecture. This 1 day course will give total relative beginners to intermediates a whole set of new skills proving that 'all the gear' is not necessary to make a good photographer! This workshop, limited to only 5 participants, gives you maximum input from me.

London Introduction Workshop September 21st

Period: 1 day (8am - 6pm)

Level: Beginner

Includes: Introduction to city photography, looking at composition, camera settings and how to take better pictures learning simple rules.

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What will you learn?

An Introduction to Photography in London

  • How to look for compelling scenes and compose for them.

  • Unique knowledge and locations to shoot some architectural photography in London.

  • How to loose your fear of camera settings and get it right when you need the shot in every case.

  • How to think like a photographer and see opportunities before they arise or on the fly. 

  • Understanding how your eyes can play tricks on you, and ways to overcome this with digital cameras.

  • How to create artistic effects like motion blur, and shallow depth of field (subject to camera type).

  • Learn how to 'see' a photograph rather than just snapping. 

  • Some quick mobile app and adobe Lightroom edits over lunch

  • A photo review at the end of the day.

What equipment will you need?

  • A digital camera or smart phone. 

  • A tripod if you have one is optional. 

  • Bring a small laptop or tablet if you have one for some quick lunchtime editing.

  • Spare camera batteries, chargers, a viewfinder cover and memory cards.

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