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London Black and White Long Exposure Workshop

The Photographers Playground

London is full of incredible landmarks, and it’s skyline is in a constant state of incredible development with some of the most exceptional architecture in the world. Having lived in London myself for over a decade, I know some exceptional places in the city for great black and white long exposure photography. The River Thames provides a beautiful component for some jaw dropping architectural scenes that lend themselves perfectly to beautiful fine art photographs. This workshop will enhance your photography with tips and techniques in the art of long exposure image making, and provide you with pictures of London imagined in a totally different way. This workshop, limited to only 5 participants, gives you maximum input from me.

London Black and White Long Exposure Workshop 7th-8th September

Period: 2 days (8am - 5pm)

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Dates: 7 - 8 September

Includes: Long exposure photography training and post processing working workflow

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What will you learn?

Day 1 - Photography in London

  • Photography compositional techniques specifically for architectural photography and long exposure work.

  • Unique knowledge and locations to shoot long exposure and architectural photography in London.

  • Camera settings for highest quality fine art level photography output.

  • Exposure calculation tips for accurately using high value neutral density filters for long exposure photography.

  • Understanding histograms and how to use test images to save time and give you an advantage.

  • Using the ‘right’ ND filter to create the mood you need.

  • How to pre-visualise a scene and then make it stand out in your photographs.

  • The magic of daytime long exposure photography and how to bring ‘wow’ to your architectural or landscape photography.

Day 2 - Editing Excellence

  • My own post processing workflow techniques that I use for all published work.

  • Specific workflow areas using Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, Nik Silver Effects Pro and Colour Effects Pro that will bring your photography to life.

  • Learn about advanced retouching techniques in Adobe Photoshop using alpha channel selections, gradient maps, calculations and apply image masking, non destructive dodging and burning and zonal processing amongst much more.

  • Understanding what makes a photograph stand out and how to promote a story and key elements in a photograph using light, cropping and contrast.

  • Real time processing of some of the images you captured on day 1 to explore the power of editing software and advanced post processing as part of the photographers toolkit.

What equipment will you need?

  • A camera that has a manual (or m) and bulb (or b) mode. Most digital SLR and mirrorless are equipped with these.

  • A sturdy tripod and head that can extend upto eye height.

  • Prime or zoom lenses that covers a focal lengths of 24-70mm (Feel free to bring longer or shorter focal length lenses if you have them).

  • A remote/cable shutter release with built in timer.

  • A 16 stop, 10 stop and 6 stop neutral density filter (square or circular are fine).

  • Spare camera batteries, chargers, a viewfinder cover and memory cards (recommend minimum of around 32gb of card space).

  • A laptop for the second day with Adobe Photoshop installed on it.

  • If you don’t have any of the equipment on the list in this section (other than a laptop), equipment rental from a London store can be arranged (contact me for specifics on this).