Welcome to the new black!

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This is not how I planned things. I hadn't planned to build a new website from scratch at all. I had planned more sleep and more creativity outside. So has it been worth it? Ask me after some sleep and I'm pretty sure I'll say it has. I've finally built the website on a platform that allows me huge potential to built in so many directions: workshops, training, videos, blogs, not to mention the images themselves. That's exciting.

You'll find the website broken in to clear areas of my photography, workshops and prints. Let's call it the beginning of things, as I have a ton of things to add yet (some of which I didn't have at my disposal at the time of writing). My photography works are neatly broken into their 3 genres: architecture, landscape and street. I know, little boxes: it's so nice to fit into some 😋.

Some of the more eagle eyed of you may have notice I was making some noises about the launch of this website 3 days ago. It was all so neatly on plan. And then it wasn't. It really wasn't.

About 4 weeks ago I got an Instagram message from an American lady who wanted to buy 2 prints. This was great news to wake up to of course. Until she said she was unable to pay. Wait. You mean you would like to send me your money but I can't take it? This can't be right, let me just have a quick check...ah hmm, what does this button do...

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Horror. Abject horror. I had crashed the whole website. Just by trying to update 1 plugin on Wordpress. I won't bore you with those details - but let's just say it was mildly distressing. What's more I still couldn't get paid.   Not now and not by anyone. This mole hill was looking distinctly more shaped liked a mountain. 

To cut a long story short things got a lot worse before they got better. My hard drive failed, so I had to send all the data to a recovery specialist to try and access content planned for this new website. Mildly stressful. I'm still waiting on news - but I thought you'd like to see the site in it's almost complete state!

So sorry for the delays and being offline. But now I'm back with all cameras blazing and updates galore. So if you would like updates on anything from workshops to new albums, kit reviews, news, offers and photography techniques - subscribe on the front page to my newsletter. But for now - have a mooch around and let me know what you think?





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