"I can't take you seriously if your picture is a blurry shot taken at your cousin Dave's BBQ #headshots"



I create photographs to get people and places to stand out. I help businesses stand out by crafting images that say a lot about them and the people that work for them.

I’m an experienced photographer who has lots of stories to tell. I could use words like ‘award winning’ and accomplished, and ‘professional’.  But I’ll save you the boredom.

I’m based in Somerset and London, England. To keep things interesting, you know?

I help businesses, buildings and people look great. It’s not about the camera. It’s about understanding what you want to say. 
It’s also not about snapshots. It’s about quality and time. It’s all about you frankly. You, your people, your space, your story. That makes a nice change doesn’t it?

Over the years I’ve carefully honed photography methods that stand out from the crowd. And I’ll let you in on a little secret… the difference isn’t about the wonder of the new 82mm Canon prime lens (though I can get nerdy if you like)…it’s about understanding people and the story of places. From getting to grips with what you need, to delivering the results. I aim for ‘wow’ and hate to miss. It’s a cross I bear alone.

But frankly this ‘about me’ isn’t really about me. It’s about you.


"A masterful story teller in both images and words"

- John Stacey, Adventurer Magazine



A photographer that has worked with some of the biggest companies in the UK.  Some might call that ‘professional’ or ‘experienced’. I can only tell you I’ve learned how to make you look great. Or your building in fact. Places and faces. It’s my ‘thing’. 




For headshots and portraits I put nearly all of my effort into capturing a character. The button pushing is just a part time role.

For architecture it’s about making an interior or exterior design impress. You could grab a shot with your iPhone…or you could get a beautifully crafted, high quality piece of work to reflect the effort you put into making it. You’re worth it (I stole that line). 

I teach people. I run workshops in landscape fine art photography, architecture photography and I can even teach you how to take better pictures of people, whether you’re a newbie or a pro. It’s my excuse to travel to really cool places, do what I love, and call it work. Come and play?

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I offer affordable prices for high quality photography that will separate you from your Auntie Jane who got a nice SLR camera for Christmas. 

You get to hang out with me. Before you gasp at my modesty, let me explain. Most people can press a button on a camera. Some can even take a picture and make it look nice. I’m simply here to hang out. It just so happens you get some kick ass photographs that show what happened. There is only one of me available (which is a bit of a limitation of my business) but it does make what I do a one-off. Or you could call up your Auntie Jane or cousin Dave.. #sorrynotsorry

"Tom is the preferred supplier for EDF Energy in the UK for a reason - he's a pleasure to work with"

- Adam Clarke, Senior Manager, EDF Energy




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